Coach Chris Tissot enters his 3rd season as Vertical Jump 1assistant men's tennis coach for the Men’s Vaqueros Tennis. During his years at Glendale, coach Tissot leads the Strength and Conditioning program for the Men’s Tennis team under Bob Mackay.  Both coach Mackay and Tissot know that the key to success is the ability to remain healthy, and prepared from the beginning of the season till the end.  Over the years coach Mackay has seen many opponents start off the season strong but become fatigued and burn out toward the end of the season.  Because of this coach Mackay and Tissot strongly believe that through hard work in the gym, athletes will be better prepared to finish the season strong.  The strength and conditioning program is designed to develop and train players that desire to persistently work towards achieving their goals, and that believe by sincerely dedicating themselves to their preparation they will deserve to be confident and expect to be successful. Both Coach Mackay and Tissot strive to achieve three primary goals in training: injury prevention, athletic performance enhancement and mental discipline development.

        The program conducts individualized tennis-specificladder drill training designed to prepare ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones and joints to function synergistically to minimize the potential risk and severity of sport-related injury. The program conducts monthly testing skills and strength tests to monitor gains and track progress of the athletes. The program also emphasizes position to specific training designed to improve speed, acceleration, power, agility, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and body composition. Nutrition education to teach lifestyle management skills essential to fueling the mind and body to perform and recover in the classroom and on the court is critical to each player's comprehensive development.

      Coach Tissot is a graduate from GlendaleBack Squat Community College and played two years of college tennis under Bob Mackay from 2003-2004. Coach Tissot continued his education at California State Northridge 2007 and his Master’s from Azusa Pacific University in Physical Education 2013. Coach Tissot was also awarded Regional and National ITA Assistant Coach of the Year for 2012 for Glendale Community College. Coach Tissot is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (CSCS), through the NSCA and has been involved with strength and conditioning of athletes for over 3 years. Coach Tissot has always had a passion for tennis and through his understanding of strength and conditioning has been able to help players improve in performance and mental confidence in being prepared to take the court.

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