How long has it been since you were on campus? GCC offers state-of-the-art facilities to create superior learning environments and programs to assist all members of the campus community. Join us for an interactive tour and see how your college has grown. Click on hotspots to move around the campus and move your cursor for 360 degree views.

Take the tour!

The virtual tour begins in front of the campus. Alen Andriassian, Student Outreach and Assessment Program Manager, has come up with a new way for students to explore the campus without ever leaving home – even if that home is in a distant country.

By moving the computer mouse around and clicking on “hot spots,” viewers are able to give themselves a self-guided walk around the campus on a beautiful spring day. The illusion is created by Virtual Rabbit’s proprietary software which integrates still photos into a seamless environment. More photos, short videos and even links and forms augment the content. Featured areas include the John A. Davitt Administration Building, Plaza Vaquero, Sartoris Field, the library, the bookstore, admissions and records, the fitness center, the nursing department and several other places of interest.
Last updated: 4/10/2014 3:40:06 PM