Chuck Gibson is a Glendale icon. A former social sciences teacher and tennis coach, Charles Gibson began his association with Glendale College as a student in 1939 where he was captain of the tennis team. He earned an Associate degree at Glendale College and transferred to UC Berkeley where he earned his bachelors degree. He received his teaching and administrative credentials and Masters degree from USC.

After distinguished service in the Air Force in WWII, he married Dotti Allcroft and started a family, settling in Glendale. He taught at Roosevelt High and taught and coached at Hoover High and Glendale College. During Chuck's years of coaching at GCC the team won the conference championship several times. He is credited with starting the Intramural Sports program at the college, helped develop the curriculum for studies in Ethnic Relations and served as president of the Glendale College Faculty Senate. He retired after serving the district for 38 years. All four of Chuck's children, Dave, Marge, Tom and Jill, attended Glendale College.

He has been the number one ranked senior doubles champion in Southern California and the number three ranked senior doubles champion in the United States. He still plays competitive senior tennis and is assistant men's tennis coach at a high school in Carlsbad, the city where he retired in 1984.

President’s Circle Member Donna Melby remembers Chuck Gibson as an inspiring professor and is in the process of setting up a special fund in his honor. Read more about contributing,
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