KIN 228 - 2.00 - SOCCER THEORY
Description: KIN 228 covers basic theory and strategy for the student wishing to compete in or coach intercollegiate soccer. Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC
Prerequisite: None.

PE 229 – 1.5 – SOCCER
Description: PE 229 is instruction and practice in the basic fundamentals, techniques, and rules of soccer. Development of team play, with emphasis on offensive and defensive strategy. Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC
Prerequisite: None.

Description: Physical Education 245 is an advanced course designed for students who plan to compete at the collegiate level in the sport of men's soccer. This course emphasizes advanced skill, theory, tactics, strategy and intercollegiate competition. Student-athletes are required to meet the standards of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) eligibility guidelines and decorum policies. Student-athletes will need to be familiar with both the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Note: PE 245 is designed for the intercollegiate men's soccer team. Transfer Credit: CSU, UC, USC
Prerequisite: None

Athletics and Physical Education 128 (ATHPE 128)
ATHPE 128 provides instruction and practice for intercollegiate men’s soccer focusing on fundamental techniques of competitive soccer. This course is designed to provide further advancement in individual skill, team strategies, effective communication, and conditioning for intercollegiate competition. Note: ATHPE 128 is off-season training for students who are interested in competing on an intercollegiate men’s soccer team.

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