The GCC Men’s Soccer team is looking for players who are ready to make the commitment to be dedicated student-athletes. The program offers players the opportunity for high caliber soccer training & competition. The successful student-athlete demonstrates skill, integrity, a strong work ethic, and perseverance in all aspects of life. Players will need to take personal responsibility to be successful by balancing their schedule to meet school, practice/game, and outside commitments. This is an opportunity to play at a higher level and move on further, but YOU must be willing to make the commitment!

Please fill out and submit the Prospective Athlete Form

International Students – also please see for information about applying to GCC. Contact David Nelson at 818-240-1000 x 5887 or email: for more information.

Eligibility Requirements: 


1. Must have amateur status in soccer.

2. Must maintain full-time enrollment status: enroll in & ATTEND 12+ units during the Fall season, including KIN 228 & PE 245 – 9 of the 12 units must count toward remediation, career technical education/certificate courses, associate degree requirements, transfer/general education, and/or lower division theoretical major preparation courses as defined by the college catalog and/or articulation agreements and be consistent with the student athlete’s educational plan. Second 6 or 8 week classes do not count towards eligibility for soccer;

3. Complete & pass the mandatory physical examination;

4. Complete all CCCAA required eligibility paperwork;

5. NO OUTSIDE PLAY as of the CCCAA start date for intercollegiate soccer (usually around the 2nd week of August) – if you want to play outside, don’t play for GCC;

6. See Athletic Counselors, Jonn Aque or Molly Mercer, for academic advisement and completion of a Student Education Plan (SEP);

7. Pass Fall classes and maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA.

Prospective Players Timeline:

Spring: complete high school OR if you’ve already graduated, enroll in Athletics and Physical Education 128 (ATHPE 128), so that the coaches can take a look at you. This is the off season training class that allows the coaches to work with prospective players for this year's team. Attending this class does not guarantee you will make the team.

Summer: enroll in Athletics and Physical Education 128 (ATHPE 128) -ticket # to be determined – summer class training and final team selection will start in mid-July. Keep an eye on the summer schedule when it comes out (between late April to mid May). You should arrive in good physical shape (e.g. able to complete the Cooper Test in the Good to Very Good range – 2700-3000+ meters / 1.688-1.875 miles in 12 minutes). The class will meet 4-6 days every week and the majority of the team will be selected by mid-August. First pre-season game is in late August. 

Fall (usually starts last week of August, or first week of September): IF you make the team, enroll in, attend, and PASS 12+ units, attend practice and games through November (and hopefully beyond for playoffs). See Eligibility Requirements above.

Second Year:

CCCAA ELIGIBILITY FOR 2nd YEAR ATHLETES: 2nd Year Athletes must complete and pass 24 units (from first semester of competition on), of which 18 units are academically geared, with a 2.0+ GPA.


NOTE: Returning players are not guaranteed a position and must tryout each year. 

Winter Intersession (if offered) – Individual off-season conditioning and training; earn units toward eligibility for second year (total of 24 units with a GPA of 2.0 or better – 18 of the 24 units must be academically geared and related to your stated SEP goals).

Spring Semester:
 earn units toward eligibility for second year (total of 24 units with a GPA of 2.0 or better – 18 of the 24 units must be academically geared and related to your stated SEP goals. These units may be spread between Winter, Spring, and Summer), including the intercollegiate soccer off-season training class (e.g. ATHPE 128).

Summer Session: Enroll in the intercollegiate soccer off-season training class (e.g. ATHPE 128): starts approximately second week of July, training and team selection. ARRIVE PHYSICALLY FIT!

Fall Semester: (usually last week of August, or first week of September) – Enroll in, attend, and PASS 12 units, attend practice and games through November (and hopefully beyond for playoffs). See Eligibility Requirements above.

PROGRAM GOAL: Players continue to graduation (AA/AS or certificate) & ultimately transfer!

Prior College Attendance and/or Collegiate Soccer Participation

  • If you've attended any other colleges, then you should get your official transcripts and have them processed at GCC's Admissions & Records office and/or with the Athletics Counselors.
  • If you officially played at another college or university outside of California, then you will need to transfer in at least 24 units with a 2.0+ GPA.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have played soccer at another California community college, in order to be eligible at GCC for your second year you will have to complete 12 units in residence at GCC prior to the start of your second season and have a total of 24+ units with a 2.0+ GPA - this includes the 12 units at GCC plus any transfer units.
  • You'll also have to complete a tracer form to clear you for 1st year participation (as long as you did not play soccer at any other college).

Expectations of Players:
- Be on time & don’t miss practice – legitimate excuses must be communicated to coaches directly and may require verification.
- Arrive to tryouts physically fit – going out on an injury from lack of fitness may prevent you from making the team.
- Be good students and ambassadors as student-athletes around campus; set a good example – you are students first!
- Attend your classes – you can be dropped for excessive tardiness or absences!
- Comply with all GCC Standards of Student Conduct and CCCAA Decorum Rules.
- Take care of yourself physically and mentally – don’t over-extend yourself with commitments, sleep well, eat right, and keep a positive attitude!
- Ask for help – there are many resources around campus for support academically, financially, etc.

Academic Success Takes Priority

Follow your education plan so that you can achieve your educational goals (transfer, certificate, etc.). We are looking for strong soccer players with strong educational goals. If you are ever struggling or need help, you must seek help from the coaching staff immediately – do not ignore any possible road blocks to your academic success! There are resources available to help you.


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