Glendale Community College arranged an education agreement with Chamberlain which provides their nurses with access to high-quality, nursing programs at a savings. Learn more about this special relationship by visiting the link below or by contacting Chamberlain College of Nursing’s dedicated advising team at (855) 319-5707.

The educational partnership offers Glendale Community College nurses many benefits:

  • Education partner tuition rate, a 10% savings of current tuition rates on the following programs/options:
    - RN to BSN Online Option
    - Master of Science in Nursing Degree Program
  • Waived application fee
  • Complimentary transcript request service
  • Complimentary official transcript evaluation before you enroll
  • Dedicated admissions advisor supports you during the admissions process, including requesting all official transcripts on your behalf!
  • Academic advisors provide support and guidance throughout your program; they’ll even register you for your classes
  • Convenience: Our flexible program allows you to complete your degree online, on your time, while you continue to work 

RN to BSN Online Course Descriptions

NR-351: Transitions in Professional Nursing – 3 Credits (Theory 3)
This course, designed for the RN student entering the BSN program, introduces the student to the philosophy, theory and roles of the professional nurse across the educational continuum in the context of contemporary and future professional nursing practice. This course provides the student with tools for success as an online RN to BSN student using a variety of learning opportunities related to the evolving roles of the professional nurse. Prerequisite: Admission into the RN to BSN option.

ENGL-147: Advanced English Composition – 3 Credits
This course builds on the conventions and techniques of composition through critical reading requirements and longer, more sophisticated reports, including a library research paper. Assignments require revising and editing for an intended audience. Students are also taught search methods for accessing a variety of print and electronic resources. Eligibility to enroll in this course is limited to students enrolled in Chamberlain College of Nursing. Prerequisite: ENGL-117 or ENGL-112 and entrance to the BSN degree program

NR-305: Health Assessment— 4 Credits (Theory 4)
This course, for RN to BSN option students, examines the principles and techniques of nursing assessments focusing on patient history-taking, review of systems, physical examination techniques and documentation of findings. Utilization of assessment findings in clinical decision making is discussed throughout the course. Prerequisite: NR-351

NR-361: RN Information Systems in Healthcare – 3 Credits (Theory 3)
The focus of this course is the understanding of health information systems to ethically manage data, information, knowledge and technology to communicate effectively; provide safe and effective patient care; and utilize appropriate databases to search for evidence based on research to enhance the quality of patient care and inform practice decisions. Development of competencies in using patient care technologies and information management systems is emphasized.
Prerequisite: NR-351

MATH-221: Statistics for Decision Making – 4 Credits*
This course provides tools used for statistical analysis and decision making in business. The course includes both descriptive statistics and inferential concepts used to draw conclusions about a population. Research techniques, such as sampling and experiment design, are included for both single and multiple sample groups. Prerequisite: MATH-114

SOCS-350: Cultural Diversity in the Professions – 3 Credits
Students explore cross-cultural issues and diversity to create a Positive foundation for understanding and working effectively with others. Cultural issues, including values, beliefs and practices that affect individuals, groups and communities are discussed. Case studies and other applications are examined particularly as they relate to the workplace and professional practice. Experiential learning designed to increase understanding and appreciation of differing cultures is also included. Prerequisites: PSYC-110, PSYC-285 or SOCS-185

NR-439: Evidence-Based Practice— 3 Credits (Theory 3)
The research process and its contributions to the professional nursing practice are explored. The skills related to understanding published research findings and using best evidence as the basis for professional nursing practice are developed. Prerequisites: MATH-221, NR-360

NR-443: RN Community Health Nursing— 4 Credits (Theory 4)
Theory and concepts of community/public/global health utilizing levels of prevention are presented in this course. The P/CHN (public/community health nursing) role as a partner with the community shape conditions supportive of health is emphasized through application of the nursing process, beginning with the assessment of the community’s health, wellness needs, and available resources. Planning, organization and delivery of services for population at risk are tied to Healthy People 2020 goals with an introduction to political and sociocultural aspects of community, demographic and epidemiological methods. Prerequisite: NR-351, Corequisite: SOCS-350

NR-447: RN Collaborative Healthcare – 4 Credits (Theory 4)
This course, for RN to BSN option students, is designed to expand the scope of nursing practice. The course and selected managerial experiential learning activities provided to RN to BSN option students, focuses on leadership and management aspects of the professional nurse. The emphasis is on the role of the nurse in providing nursing care within the healthcare setting. Prerequisite: NR-351

ECON-312: Principles of Economics— 3 Credits
This course introduces basic concepts and issues in microeconomics, macroeconomics and international trade. Microeconomic concepts such as supply and demand and the theory of the firm serve as foundations for analyzing macroeconomic issues. Macroeconomic topics include Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and fiscal and monetary policy as well as international topics such as trade and exchange rates. The course emphasizes analyzing and applying economic variables of real-world issues. Prerequisite: ENGL-117, MATH-114

NR-451: RN Capstone Course— 3 Credits (Theory 3)
Specifically for RN to BSN option students, this is a synthesis course and requires senior students to demonstrate mastery of skills learned in liberal arts and sciences as well as nursing courses. Special emphasis is placed on the implementation of change in response to identification of needs/problems in selected healthcare settings. The major assignment is an evidence-based project that grows out of the student’s interest in specific patient populations, professional nursing roles and/or healthcare settings. Prerequisites: Successful completion of all other BSN courses

Liberal Arts & Sciences Requirements
History Elective (Choose one)
HUMN-410: Contemporary History
HUMN-412: Post-1945 History
HUMN-415: Vietnam and 20th-Century Experience
HUMN-417: Emergence of the Modern Era

Humanities Elective (Choose one)
HUMN-303: Introduction to the Humanities
HUMN-421: Studies in Literature
HUMN-422: Film and Literature
HUMN-424: Science Fiction
HUMN-427: Studies in Poetry
HUMN-428: Dramatic Literature
HUMN-450: 20th-Century Fine Arts
RELI-448: Comparative Religions

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