Units:  1 - 3

The Theatre Arts 180 series is a practical application of theatre arts technical support.  Through lecture and laboratory experiences, students gain experience in the application of production responsibilities in the areas of stage management, house management, construction, scenery, properties, costume, lighting, sound, and running crews for a specific genre of theatre.

Lecture/Demonstration Units:  1.0
Laboratory Units:  1.0 - 3.0

Prerequisite:  None

Note:  Students are expected to be available for rehearsals and performance of GCC productions.  Units earned are based on the number of hours and type of project completed.

Some of the offerings within the Glendale College Department of Theatre Arts Production Season may include the following classes and genres:

Theatre Arts 180 - Technical Theatre in Musical Production

Theatre Arts 181 - Technical Theatre in Classical Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 182 - Technical Theatre in Modern Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 183 - Technical Theatre in Contemporary Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 184 - Technical Theatre in New Works and Experimental Theatre Production 

Student Learning Outcomes:
    Demonstrate a general knowledge of all technical areas as applied to a specific genre of theatre.
    Interpret and implement written instructions, schedules, and drawings from the production designers from a specific genre of theatre.
    Analyze a script from a specific genre of theatre and identify differences from other genres and mediums.
    Define general technical theatre terminology.

Transfer credit:  CSU, UC, USC

Course Outline T ART 180

Course Outline T ART 181

Course Outline T ART 182

Course Outline T ART 183

Course Outline T ART 184



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