Student Services Learning Outcomes (SSLOs)

Student Services Learning Outcomes are overarching, clear, and assessable statement(s) that identifies and defines what a student will be able to know, do, or feel at the successful completion of a specific procedure, activity, or service. Premises of SSLOs:

  • learning takes place every time a student comes in contact with a service or service program.
  • focus is not on the services a program provide but on the outcomes of those services for students. SSLO statements are not a listing of what a program does, they are what the students will be able to know, do, or feel as a result of what a program does.

As of Spring 2016 the Student Services area has been working to align all SSLOs with the newly developed Institutional Learning Outcomes. Each SSLO was mapped to at least one ILO. This will allow us to assess ILOs directly from the assessments of SSLOs. This process is identified under ILOs, Mapping System of Learning Outcomes.

All areas identified under Student Services were asked to modify, delete or create new SSLOs. There was a need to implement a standard of how to write SSLOs as learning outcomes not objectives. The SSLO and ILO Connection Rubric(PDF), documents the newly developed SSLOs along with the previous objectives below the grid. 

One of the main goals of this process was to include Student Services within the LO Database, like Instructional programs and courses. For now, Student Services will use the current assessment form, as the SSLOAC form is in development. This SLOAC from DSPS(PDF) is an example of how to use the current assessment form.

SSLOACs are directly related Institutional Effectiveness and play an important role to a students academic success at Glendale College.

To complete an assessment use the following form (Word) and submit completed assessment through the Learning Outcomes Database.

Click below for past status of assessment:

Student Services 2014 Assessment Outcomes

Student Services 2013 Assessment Outcomes

For information concerning Student Services Learning Outcomes and Assessments please contact Dr. Ricardo Perez, VP of Student Services.

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