Name  Description
LO Assessment Form Updated 9.30.14 Use this form to complete your assessment. Copy and paste your information into the Learning Outcome Database. The link and instructions can be found below the Learning Outcome Forms tab.
LO Description Sheet For Assessment Form The Description sheet explains the assessment form and provides some examples.
Assessment Cycle Timeline The Assessment Cycle Timeline is a tool used to help maintain, track, and change assessment due dates. The spreadsheet can be manipulated to met the needs of you division/department.
Learning Outcome Review Sheet This form is used in the preliminary review process of C&I. The main purpose is to create consistency of how SLOs are written on course outlines. There are 4 criteria used in the evaluation of SLOs.
Learning Outcome Review Sheet Descriptions This form details the 4 areas of review and gives examples of how to write or revise SLOs.
PLO Spreadsheet This spreadsheet is used to delete, change or create new PLOs as a result of assessment findings. The spreadsheet is also designed to build a connection(s) to ILOs.
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