Welcome to the AMATYC Student Mathematics League Webpage at GCC.

The AMATYC Student Mathematics League is a math competition conducted by AMATYC to increase interest in Mathematics.  It is open to all students attending two-year colleges.  Exams are given twice a year usually in November and March.  Students' scores are combined from the two exams for an annual rankings.  Each college also submits its top 5 scores from each round as their team score and is ranked by this composite score for each round and the entire yearly competition.  

The level of the exams is Precalculus and below but the questions are very challenging.  Two points are given for each correct answer and -1/2 for each incorrect answer (zero for blanks).   Negative scores are possible so test-taking strategy is important.

At GCC the Associated Students of Glendale Community College offers $500 in prize money every year for our top students.  These cash prizes are given for each round and also for composite scores.  AMATYC also offers prizes for the top national scorers.  In the past  individual GCC students and our college as a team have been competitive scoring in the top 20.  

For more information on the AMATYC Student League contact Charlotte Schulten at schulten@glendale.edu
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