link to PROXY form  (pdf)

PROXY as defined by Administrative Regulation 2511, Governance Document.
Attendance at all committee meetings is mandatory. When a member (student, classified staff, faculty, manager/confidential employee, administrator) of a campus governance committee will be absent, the member should make every effort to assign a proxy who will attend the meeting on the absent member's behalf.
  • It is recommended that the proxy be from the same constituency as the member.
  • The proxy may not already be a voting member of the committee. One person, one vote.
  • The proxy is entitled to full voting rights.
The proxy information form should be brought to the appropriate committee chair, in writing, and should include the date of the meeting, the name of the proxy and the name of the absent member. Whenever possible, it should be signed by the voting member.

If the voting member is away from campus, and therefore unable to sign, the proxy form (available online or in the Governance office), will be accepted at the meeting with the above requested information and the name and signature of the proxy only.





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