The Faculty Diversity Internship Program trains and prepares interns, interested in teaching at a community college, for future faculty employment opportunities. The intent of the program is to increase the pool of potential candidates that reflect the diversity of our student population in the local community, greater Los Angeles area, and internationally. The program offers professional development workshops on various instructional related topics and classroom training under the guidance of a mentor in a specific discipline. Disciplines include Math, English, Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, English as a Second Language (ESL), Language Arts, and Business Administration.

The Faculty Internship Program is a 12 week program that begins in June and concludes in December.  Interns will participate in the following professional development activities:

Summer Training Institute

The Summer Training Institute includes an orientation, workshops, preparation for teaching internship, and meetings with a mentor.

Fall Teaching Internship

The Fall Teaching Internship includes class observation, classroom activities (under the supervision of the mentor) which include preparing and teaching course topics and grading papers. During this time, the intern will also attend campus activities and meetings with a mentor.

Mock Interview

This workshop will cover the application process and interviewing skills.

Award Ceremony

Graduation from the program.

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