Since each state has its own specific regulation regarding responsibilities, the range of services performed by dental hygienists varies from state to state. Patient care services rendered by dental hygienists may include:

  • patient screening procedures, such as review of the health history and dental charting
  • removing calculus and plaque (hard and soft deposits from the teeth.
  • applying preventive materials to the teeth (sealants and fluorides)
  • counsel patients regarding good nutrition and its impact on oral health.
  • teach patients appropriate oral hygiene techniques to maintain oral health.
Training: A Career in dental hygiene requires a minimum of two years of college education. Some dental hygiene programs are longer that two years, and may culminate in a baccalaureate degree. Because the dental hygiene education program includes dental and basic science course, high school preparation should include biology and chemistry.

After an individual completes a dental hygiene program, he/she is required to take the necessary licensure examinations required by the State Board  of Dental Examiners, prior to performing dental hygiene duties.

Schools That Offer Dental Hygiene

College Degree Telephone
Cabrillo College AS 831.479.6471
Cerritos College AA 562.860.2451
Chabot College     AA 510.723.6866
Cypress College C/AS 714.484.7292
Diablo Valley College C/AS 925.856.1230
Foothill Community College AS 650.949.7476
Fresno City College AS 559.244.2601
Loma Linda University BS 909.558.4631
Loma Linda University    AS 760.324.2091
Oxnard College AS 805.986.5823
Pasadena City College AS 626.585.7545
Riverside Community College AS 909.557.6425
Sacramento City College AS 916.558.2356
San Joaquin (in Cucamonga) AS 559.651.2500
Santa Rosa Junior College AS 707.527.4447
Shasta College AS 530.339.3639
Southwestern College AS 619.216.6668
Taft College AS 661.762.7706
West Coast University BS 714.782.1760
West Los Angeles College AS 310.287.4238
Western Career College AS 916.361.5163
Western Career College at San Jose AS 408.960.0183
USC BS 213.740.1089
University of the Pacific BS 209.946.7394
UC San Francisco BA 415.476.2737

C = Certificate
AA = Assiciate in Arts
AS = Assiciate in Science
BA = Bachelor in Arts
BS = Bachelor in Science
Note: prerequisites for these programs may be different. Please contact these schools to clarify their requirements.


Pasadena City College


Pasadena City College Suggested GCC courses
Microbiology 2 BIOL 112
Nutrition 11 NURT 125
Psychology 1 PSYCH 101
Sociology 1 SOC 101
Speech 1 Speech 101
Chemistry 2A or 1A or 22 CHEM 120 or 101
Chemistry 2B or 1B CHEM 121 or 102
 Anatomy 25 & Physiology   BIOL 120 and 121
 Intermediate Algebra             Math 101, 131, 120

University of Southern California

USC Dental Hygiene
BIOL 121
BIOL 101 and 102
CHEM 101 and 102
ENGL 102 or 104 (Writing Requirement)
SOC 101 (Diversity GE Requirement)
SPEECH 101 or any transferable speech course
BIOL 112
HEALTH 128 or NUTR 125

Loma Linda University

Dental Hygiene, BS Program
To be eligible for admission, the
applicant must be a minimum of 64
semester units at an accredited
college or university. Minimum
GPA 3.0 or higher in science
courses is recommended. Science
courses must be completed within
5 years of Admission.  
The admission requirements are:

*Required courses

Loma Linda University Suggested GCC courses
*Human Anatomy BIOL 120
*Human Physiology BIOL 121
*Introduction to Chemistry CHEM 120, 121
*Microbiology BIOL 112
*College Math  
*Cultural anthropology ANTHRO 102
*Introduction to Psychology PSYCH 101
*Introduction to Sociology SOC 101
14 units must include threa areas of study
 - History/Civilization  
 - Art History & Appreciation   
 - Music History & Appreciation  
 - Performing arts (4 units max)  
 - Literature  
 - Foreign Language  
 - Philosophy  
Religion - If attending an Adventist school  

*Freshman English (one year)

ENGL 101 and 102 


*Speech, or interpersonal communication SPCH 100 or 101
*Personal Health or Nutrition 2 units HLTH 104 or 128
*Physical Education - two activity courses  

Dental Hygiene, AS off-campus Program
Palm Desert, CA
To be eligible for admission, the
applicant must have a minimum
GPA of 2.5 is required to have a
3.0 science GPA is recommended.
Science courses must be completed
with 5 years of admission. A
minimum of 23 semester units from
an accredidted college or university

Loma Linda University Suggested GCC courses
Human Anatomy & Physiology  BIOL 120 & 121
Microbiology  BIOL 112
Chemistry - 1 year with labs     CHEM 120 and 121
College Math -  one class  
Introduction Psychology  PSYCH 101
Introduction Sociology  SOC 101
Speech - one class  SPCH 101
Physical Education - two activity courses  

Personal Health or Nutrition 2 units



HLTH 104 or 128 
Fresman English 1 year  Engl 101 and 102


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