The B.S. program provides a bridge for students who wish to prepare for advanced practice study at the graduate level. The curriculum is designed to assist registered nurses in gaining new knowledge needed for professional nursing in a changing society, and to build on their earlier associate degree or diploma education. Specifically, students are prepared to meet the need for community-based nursing care in a culturally diverse society. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on concepts related to: (1) contributing to the viability of academic health centers through responsiveness to community needs, (2) improving care of the underserved in community clinics in inner city urban and rural settings, and (3) redesigning the role of public (community) health care through community outreach, home-based health services, and population-based health promotion. Below are some examples of the lower division courses required for the major.

Associate Degree Programs
Baccalaureate Degree Programs

CSU Northridge
BSN limited to registered nurses. Associate Degree
in nursing or its equivalent is also required

Minimum grade of "C" or better is required in the
lower division courses

BIOL 120, 121, 112
CHEM 120
MATH 136
Additional requirement for the accelerated
BSN - 2nd Bachelor's degree
PSYCH 101, 106
SOC 101
CS/IS 101 or 115 or 260

CSU Fullerton
BSN limited to registered nurses.

  • Meet the requirements for admission to the university as a transfer student
  • Completion of an Associate Degree in Nursing or its equivalent
  • Current licensure as a registered nurse in California.

    BIOL 120, 121 and 112
    CHEM 110 or 120 or 101 or 103
    PSYCH 101
    SOC 101 or ANTHR 102
    MATH 136

Entry Level BSN Program 
Due to budget cuts upper division transfers are no longer being considered for university admission as pre nursing majors

San Diego State University
The nursing major is an impacted program. To be admitted to the nursing major, students must meet the following criteria: Changes for Fall 2014 Admission and Beyond!

  • Change of Prerequisite Requirements
    • Intro to Psychology and Sociology Eliminated 
    • Written Communication, Critical Thinking, & Statistics Added 
  • Increased Minimum Cumulative GPA to 3.0 
  • Increased Minimum Qualifying TEAS Score to 80% 
  • Decreased Number of TEAS Attempts to Two 
  • Students Limited to Repeating Only Two Prerequisites 
  • Points for Volunteer Experience Eliminated 
  • Paid Work Experience in Certified Healthcare Profession is Still Applicable

      Application forms may be obtained at the School of Nursing office or  consult the school of nursing website for the deadline and any updated information.

    SPCH 101
    BIOL 122, 112*, 120*, 121*
    PSYCH 101, 106
    SOC 101
    MATH 136
    *minimum grade of "B-"

    Entry Level Masters Degree Programs
    RN Programs in PDF format

    CSU Long Beach
    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs are impacted.
    Further information regarding admission to program courses is available at group counseling sessions held in the department.
    BIOL 120, 121, 112
    CHEM 120, 121
    PSYCH 101
    SOC 101

    CSU Los Angeles
    ENGL 104 - University Requirement or
    PHIL 117 or SPCH 104 or any critical thinking course 
    Required Prerequisites
    BIOL 120 and 121
    CHEM 120
    ENGL 101
    PSYCH 101
    SPCH 101
    BIOL 112 (has been approved at CSULA by petition)
    Requirements for the major can be completed at CSULA
    NUTR 125
    PSYCH 106 or 110
    SOC 101
    MATH 136

    UC Los Angeles
    In addition to the general UC application for admission,
    applicants to the nursing program must complete a supplementary application with the School of Nursing.
    Admission Requirements

    • Completion of specified major prerequisites with C or better grades.
    • A Statement of Purpose that includes an assessment of potential for nursing practice and a clear statement of goals after completion of the program.
    • Recommendations from two appropriate sources (teacher or counselor or professional) who has had a supervisory, educational or mentoring relationship
      with you)
    • A minimum, cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in all UC-transferable courses.
    •  IGETC Certification

    BIOL 101 and 102,103, 120, 121, 112
    CHEM 101 and 102, 105
    ENGL 101, 102 or 104
    PSYCH 101
    SPCH 101 or 102
    MATH 103

    UC Irvine
    Nursing Science
    Highly Selective
    BIOL 101, 120, 121, 112
    CHEM 101 and 102, 105
    MATH 136
    PSYCH 101
    SOC 101
    PHILO 116

    Loma Linda University
    BIOL 120, 121, 112
    CHEM 120, 121
    ENGL 101, 102
    SPCH 101
    PSYCH 101, 106
    SOC 101
    MATH 101
    PHYS 110
    Humanities - (1 foreign language & at least 2 other areas required) Choose from the following areas for humanities:
    Introduction to Art or Music, Literature , Applied Art or Music (max 4 units), Foreign Language , History, Philosophy, Logic


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