Here are some suggestions to help make the most of your time with a tutor:

§ Always bring a tutoring referral to your appointment. Your instructor, counselor, or librarian will be able to identify better those areas of writing on which you should focus with a tutor.

§ Review your draft before you work with a tutor: make notes, circle areas you want to review, list grammar issues about which you have questions. This process will help both you and the tutor focus on specific issues. 

§ Make a plan before you leave so you know what areas to focus on when you revise. 

§ Leave plenty time after your tutoring session to work independently on what you have learned. 

§ Learning to write well takes time, and practice strengthens knowledge. Do not expect that one tutoring session will be enough. You will need to be willing to become more aware of your areas of weakness and apply that knowledge to future assignments.

Last updated: 7/30/2012 12:07:34 PM