The Learning Center offers computer-assisted instruction in the form of programs that provide lessons and self-graded quizzes, allowing students to work at their own pace to strengthen their weak areas or review certain subjects.


Passkey is a computerized, self-paced program for math, reading, and writing. Math lessons and exercises start with basic counting and grouping and then progress to percentages, decimals, word problems, geometry, and algebra. Reading lessons and exercises begin with the most basic reading level, appropriate for lower level ESL students (e.g. distinguishing the words “cat” and “car”) and advance to prefixes, suffixes, and roots; critical thinking skills; main ideas and supporting details; college-level vocabulary, and more. The writing program offers lessons on simple punctuation (periods and question marks), organization, and capitalization and progresses to more difficult tutorials on comma use, pronouns, verb errors, run-ons, dangling modifiers, more sophisticated sentence development, and more.

Available Passkey Lessons





Students may sign up in the lab for WebCT to view PowerPoint slides and work on a variety of exercises to enhance their writing skills, including the following:

  • Vocabulary
  • Organization of paragraphs
  • Verb use
  • Correction of fragments and run-ons
  • Comma and apostrophe use
  • Homonyms
  • And more

Although the exercises were originally designed for English 189 and 191 (two and three levels below English 101), many students can benefit from reviewing areas they still struggle with (verb form errors, run-ons, comma use, etc.). The majority of exercises are self-grading, and many offer feedback for the wrong answers so that students can understand and learn from their errors. The exercises in WebCT are graduated, increasing slowly in level of difficulty. For instance, a student may study short, simple fragments and progress to longer, more difficult-to-find fragments. In addition, students can link from the WebCT page to other online sites for access to more exercises in a variety of areas.

English 182 and 183

These online classes allow students to get one credit each for either vocabulary (English 182) or grammar (English 183). Students will complete certain exercises in Passkey and WebCT in order to get credit for each course. Beginning students will complete more basic exercises and move to an intermediate level, whereas stronger students may start lessons at the intermediate level and work their way up to the challenging lessons.

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