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EOPS Counselor Meeting Requirement

Suggested Dates and Important Deadlines

EOPS students are required to meet with their EOPS counselor three times during each semester (fall/spring), and one time during each intersession (winter/summer). This counseling requirement must be met regardless of student’s registration status (i.e. registered in less than 12 units), and student’s academic standing (i.e. probation/dismissal). Counselors may request additional visits, if needed.

Three Counseling Meeting Deadlines and Purpose for Each Meeting

  • February 4March 14 = 1st meeting
    • New Students: a meeting session which combines interview and other interpretation of assessment results to prepare a student’s educational plan, and mutual responsibility contract specifying programs and services the student shall receive and what the student is expected to accomplish.
    • Continuing Students: General review of the academic record and results from the previous term. Review of the current term goals and appropriate plans for the term
  • March 17April 11 = 2nd meeting
    • All Students: an in-term meeting session to insure the student is succeeding adequately, that programs and services are being provided effectively, and to plan changes as may be needed to enhance student success.
  •  April 21- May 16 = 3rd meeting*
    • All Students: a term-end or program exit meeting session to assess the success of students in reaching the objective of that term, the success of the programs and services provided in meeting the student’s educational goal, and to assist students to prepare for the next term of classes, or to make future plans if students are leaving the EOPS Program or the college.

      Suggested Dates for 3 Counselor Meetings spring 2014Click here to read letter

  • NOTE: Students must meet the three counseling meeting requirement by May 16, 2014 to be considered for spring 2014 EOPS grant and summer 2014 book voucher.
  • April 21 June 11 = 3rd meeting

*Students with 12 or more units, who did not complete the three counseling meeting requirement by May 16, will have until June 11 to do that in order to maintain their continued eligibility with EOPS program. However, they will not be considered for spring 2014 grant and summer 2014 book voucher. They will only be considered for fall 2014 book voucher.

Here is how your EOPS Counseling Meeting Requirement may be met:

  • Meet with your EOPS counselor on APPOINTMENT or WALK-IN BASIS
  • Attend one of the EOPS GROUP COUNSELING sessions designed for new students who have not completed SD 100 course (schedule coming soon)

What can be done during APPOINTMENTS?

  • Study List
  • Financial Aid Contract
  • UC/CSU/Private University Transfer application
  • SEP-new, change or update
  • Change of major/goal
  • Food for Thought Application
  • Scholarship Application
  • Graduation check, petition or review of transfer curriculum
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Anything else done during walk-in counseling

What can be done during WALK-INS?

  • Schedule changes
  • Study List
  • Quick Questions (i.e. Deadlines)
  • Petitions (i.e. Count the Higher Grade)
  • Requests for course revisions-FA Contract

1 meeting/week: You may visit your EOPS counselor as many times a week as needed, however, only one meeting per week will be counted towards the counselor meeting requirement.

EOPS students who are also served by DSPS and Scholars programs

May 16 – Counselor Meeting deadline for DSPS 1 and Scholars students

  • DSPS 1 and Scholars students must meet with EOPS counselor once and bring theirsummer/ fall 2014 study list or updated SEP from their DSPS or Scholars counselor.  Note: DSPS 1 students are EOPS students with certified disability on record with the Disabled Student Services Office. If you are not sure of your DSPS status ask your EOPS counselor.

Students in Student Development 100 class (SD 100-1unit)

May 16 – Counselor Meeting deadline for Student Development 100 students

  • Students, currently in Student Development 100 (SD 100-1unit) - winter 2014 and spring 2014, also need to make their one required meetings by may 16, 2014. In addition, students should consult their SD 100 instructor to comply with the deadline for a required Student Educational Plan (SEP) meeting.

Note: In order to fully benefit from EOPS services a student must complete 12 units each semester (Fall/Spring). Continuing EOPS Students who register in less than 6.00 units in a single semester (Fall/Spring) without prior written authorization from their counselor, will be exited from the program after the add/drop deadline for 16 week classes. In cases of extenuating circumstances, student’s registration in less than 6.00 units must be authorized by a counselor and no more than 1 semester will be allowed for this exception.

Reapplying to the program: EOPS students in good standing will be considered continuing EOPS students and do not need to reapply each semester, unless they do not register for one full semester or do not complete program required meeting with EOPS counselor in one semester. This does not apply to summer sessions. If a student drops out of school for one full semester after being accepted into EOPS due to extenuating circumstances and leaves the program in good standing, he/she can reapply to the program if he/she meets all the eligibility criteria at the time of application, except for criteria number 3. If, however, an EOPS student was exited from the program for non-compliance, the student may not re-apply.

Students on Probation: EOPS students whose GPA falls below 2.0 must complete a Probation Contract with their EOPS counselor and follow a set of conditions therein in order to maintain program eligibility.

ATTENTION!!! EOPS financial assistance may be available to EOPS students who in addition to meeting all EOPS program entrance and continued eligibility requirements are also income eligible based on students’ remaining financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. All EOPS awards are contingent upon EOPS Program funding availability.

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