Survey/Form Review
Learning Center - Tutor Log - Subjects Other Than Writing or Math
1. Tutor's Information:
Tutor's Last name:
Tutor's First name:
Tutor's ID:
2. Client's Information:
Client's Name:
Client's ID
Time In
Time Out
3. Length of Session (Round up or down)
4. Subjects
(1) No,Not at all (2) No,Not very well (3) Somewhat (4) Yes,Adequately (5) Yes,Very Well (6) N/A
5. Overall,did you address the student's needs in this tutoring session?
6. Is the student now able to recognize areas in need of improvement?
7. Is the student able to solve the errors for which he or she was referred?
8. Will the student be able to compose future assignments independently?
9. Can the student explain successful study habits and memory techniques?
10. Can the student organize large assignments into manageable tasks?
11. Has the student illustrated verbal or computational skills?
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