Survey/Form Review
GCC Alumni Interest Survey
The GCC Alumni Association is dedicated to providing enriching programs and activities to our alumni and friends. Your opinions and interests are important in our planning efforts.
1. Help us better understand your interests by completing this brief survey.
Email Address
2. I am an/a:
3. College Details:
Year(s) of Attendance
City of Residence
4. What time of year would you be most interested in attending alumni events?
5. What day(s) of the week work best in your schedule for alumni events? Select all that apply.
6. What is the preferred time in your schedule for an alumni event?
7. How would you prefer to receive information about alumni events and news?
8. Please rank your interest in attending the following events.
   (3 most likely, 2 somewhat likely, 1 least likely)
Professional Networking (dinners, discussions, mixers)
Academic Lectures
Cultural Events (wine tasting, museum tours)
Community Service Projects
Athletic Events
Class Year—specific events (Reunion)
Family Oriented (picnics, barbeques)
Social Networking (happy hours)
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