Staff Review
Megan Ernst
Assistant Professor of English as a Second Language

Division/Department: ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education
Location: Garfield Campus
Phone: 5804
My primary duties at GCC include teaching English as a Second Language classes and coordinating an off-site ESL program. I like to teach all levels of ESL, from Literacy to Level 5. I think that teaching a variety of levels helps keep my teaching fresh and makes me sensitive to many of the stages of the language learning process.

I enjoy using games, speaking activities, film, music, and computers in class, and I am always interested in new ways to help students enjoy their learning experience. I believe that the most effective learning takes place in a stress-free environment. Students need to feel comfortable enough in class to try new things and make mistakes, so it is important to have a classroom environment that is friendly, respectful, and joyful. We are all learning together!

I feel so fortunate to work here! The students a the Garfield Campus regularly express their appreciation for the ESL classes that we offer, and that makes me feel good about what I do.

Students tell me that they enjoy meeting people from many different parts of the world and using English to really communicate with each other. Many students also tell me how glad they are to go back to school as adults; they say that in their native countries they wouldn’t have had this opportunity. Other students tell me that our ESL classes have improved their job options; their ability to help their children in school, and their overall self-confidence and purpose in life. I am proud and pleased to have contributed in some way to improve the lives of others, and I hope that I can continue teaching for many years to come.