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Survey/Form Review
Business Lecture Series - April 29, 2010 - 10 Qs
1. No market in the United States was more severely impacted than these three states:
2. Name three economic indicators that showed the negative impact the recession was having on the economy:
3. Concern, fear, and panic by customers, employees, and merchandise vendors resulted in an extremely unproductive use of time and energy doing what?
4. How many Sport Chalet stores are there and where are most of them located?
5. What single aggressive action taken by Sport Chalet caused the stock price to double in a single day?
6. What metric was used to measure Sport Chalet’s performance against its bank plan in order ensure a continued revolving credit line?
7. Name an SG&A strategy that is expected to resulted in a 50% savings in FY 2009-2010?
8. Sport Chalet won an award for being the best at what in 2009?
9. Name a long-term key resource strategy that will help Sport Chalet “Become Nimble Again”?
10. Why will Sport Chalet continue to grow and succeed in the coming years?
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